Friday, December 15, 2006

Suggested activity: The ‘big five’ questions

Try using the four steps to address the ‘big five’ questions using your
own material. Once you’ve filled in the four columns, answer several
questions based on each of the ‘big five’.
Summary of key points
• The importance of the big five questions is that they are based on
skills required for most, if not all, jobs. This makes it highly likely
that you will be required to answer a number of questions relating
to these. As well as the universality of these skills, they are also
critically important to most employers (good interpersonal
communication skills, for example, are seen as central to establishing
harmonious work relationships and effective performance).

• How you answer a question relating to any one of the big five could
make or break your interview.
• By using the recommended four steps you will be able to easily
create your own answers to a wide range of questions relating to the
following five skills: being a good team player; planning and organising
your work effectively; having good interpersonal communication;
coping with change in the workplace; and providing effective customer
service (including internal customers).

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